Two truths and a…truth.

    Anyone who tells you that succeeding in life is easy is either selling something or has set the bar for success so incredibly low that anyone with a pulse has better than a punchers chance at achieving it. While it’s true that success looks drastically different for everyone, there are some general guidelines that we use as a society to gauge it. Not all these ground rules will or should apply to you individually, and so it is important that you set your own standards for success. Below, I would like… Read More

The issue of our hearts

Lately I have been noticing something. And while this thing that I’ve noticed is not new, I definitely failed to make the connection until just recently. What I’m referring to is the state of our society, and how it relates to the conditions of our hearts.   Let me be clear, I don’t believe that what I am about to say is a magic cure-all. I simply want to expand the conversation on the issues plaguing our society today. I want to expand the conversation because I have noticed that almost no… Read More

Arise my sleeping heart

  For far too long my heart has wept. In endless depths my soul has slept. The time has come for me to breathe. The fresh air welcome, turned to the breeze. I took the bait and sealed my spirit, letting only darkness in. The struggles of a starving artist, oh where, my love, do I begin? Entice me with the sound of silence, deaden all my senses through. I clutch the last remaining straw, then turn the page and start anew. I first realized I loved writing, I believe, when I was… Read More