The whisper of the stream

In the forest is a stream that carries all my fears away. The water grips my open hand with promises of yesterday. The promise of a time before the world became a lonely place, to days I stood on muddy banks and had eternity to play. The water takes my pain downstream, immune to all […]

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oops, I did it again

It has recently been gnawing at my brain like a slow, but increasingly painful memory. I have not written anything down in months. Not that I haven’t thought about…oh my how I have thought about it. But it seems that every time I get just a little bit excited about something, a switch flips in […]

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Where does the time go!

I spent the majority of this chilly evening mulling over theme templates and titles. I think I found one I like, but it had an unintended consequence. This new format makes it plain as day when I post and when I (ahem) don’t post. Needless to say, it has been over two months since I […]

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