One of my favorite quotes is from Ellis “Red” Redding in The Shawshank Redemption. Towards the end of the movie he says “Get busy living, or get busy dying.” I always think about that phrase when I am suffering from bouts of laziness, and it always helps me find another gear.

bullets2bokeh is something of a passion project for me. For over 5 years I served in the US Army. And while this is something I am proud to say, it is not something I want to define me, personally of professionally. That is the “bullets”. Bokeh refers to the blurred background effect that most photographers desire, especially in portraiture. A lens with great bokeh is considered a more desirable, and typically a higher quality lens. So the “bokeh” is, to a certain extent everyone’s attempt to extract the beauty from their own past and use it as a catalyst for change. To be clear, I realize that some people have much more “beauty” in their past than others. Some of you have been hurt beyond imagination (but not beyond repair), by people who were supposed to be the most trustworthy people in your lives. I have been blessed with beauty in my past, and I have also been seriously hurt. My mission here is to share my life with you all, and together we can find the beauty. We will ponder, explore, laugh, cry, and grow as individuals, and as a family.

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